This is a demo is part of the RECC project

In the demo you see below, the RECC compiler has been used to cross-compile itself, as well as a small microkernel. The microkernel runs inside the One-Page CPU which is emulated in javascript in 406 lines. The microkernel has been configured to have one user task that runs the compiler in a loop, compiling a small hello world program. In the demo below, you see the preprocessing phase, the lexing phase, parsing, and code generation.  The filesystem for include directives has been statically compiled into the executable with an emulated ext like filesystem.

Full Debug View (10000x slower)
UART1_IN Ready UART1_OUT Ready UART1_IN Asserted UART1_IN Enabled UART1_OUT Asserted UART1_OUT Enabled TIMER1 Asserted TIMER1 Enabled RTE Bit Global Interrupt Enable Processor Halted
Registers Location Instruction Binary Instruction Decomposition Value SP Address Value